Technoeconomic Expert Assessment and Technology Due-Diligence:

Technoeconomic Expert –  Techno-economic Analysis (TEA) connects R&D and engineering to business. By linking process parameters to financial metrics, TEA helps understand the factors that affect the profitability of technology development projects. Techno-economic models can be used to evaluate economic feasibility, guide R&D decisions, assess and mitigate risk, and manage development plans.

With the techniques, software, resources, and templates that we’ve developed over 10+ years of practice and study, we are able to combine lab data, engineering parameters, and costs to give a picture of your technology’s economics at a commercial scale. A typical methodology is to produce a mass and energy balance of the process, then create a preliminary facility design that identifies and sizes major equipment.  From the mass and energy balance and the facility design, information such as capital costs, operating costs, and financial performance of the overall process can be determined, thereby allowing a detailed economic evaluation of the proposed venture. Considering the TEA early – and often – during process development can highlight future problems early, can provide due diligence to prospective investors and partners, and can help prepare for a successful scale-up effort. We have provided TEA to a number of technology developers, investors and strategy firms.

Facility Integration, Optimization, Commissioning and Startup (Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals)

Our team of process and plant engineers have unparalleled expertise in a number of refining, petrochemical, Technoeconomic Expert and chemical processes. PEC has resources in facility integration, optimization, commission and startup. We challenge ourselves to integrate and optimize complex facilities looking beyond battery limits.
Our expertise includes equipment, unit, and technology specific knowledge gained over our expert’s long careers typically with owner/operator corporations. With capability to perform technical audit / cold eye review of others designs, our experts are available to attend safety reviews as technical experts and rationalize recommendations.
We bring experience from a number of oil and gas projects in Alberta (Sturgeon refinery, Suncor millennium upgrader, Shell Scottford upgrader) and Kuwait.

Process Engineering and Design and Due Diligence

Before investing millions of dollars to start/improve an industrial process project, it is essential to develop a good understanding of the costs and risks. It’s here WE HELP. We provide a range of services to our clients in process engineering. These include preliminary engineering of potential processes, process auditing of current processes, and detailed process design services. We consider the life cycle of the process, along with how it will affect existing processes. As part of a complete solution, special consideration is given to the following design parameters: capital and O&M costs, environmental impact and sustainability, risk mitigation, flexibility, reliability, redundancy, safety, and waste reduction.

Independent Process Design and Technology Review

We utilize industry leading practices to analyze complex investment structures and operating environments to deliver technical assessment and due diligence services such as:

  • Is the design basis strong or weak?
  • Is the design information accurate?
  • Were sound process engineering principles used throughout the design?
  • Is the process likely to produce the material yield and quality claimed?
  • Are effluent and emissions estimates realistic and have proper environmental control systems been included?
  • Have all facets of the process received due consideration or have any important issues been oversimplified or not considered at all?

New Idea or Process Development

Have you got a new idea, data or chemistry? We can help you develop it to commercial deployment. We will do the complete Technoeconomic Expert and Risk Analysis service and let you know if it makes sense either as a competing or an emerging technology. Specifically, we can guide in the following areas:

  • Is the design basis complete?
  • Is the laboratory or pilot-test data sufficient to confidently predict performance of the larger process or are more data needed?
  • Is there enough margin and operational/control flexibility in the design to allow for process optimization after startup?
  • Has raw material or intermediate feed stream cleaning/preparation/conditioning been adequately addressed?
  • Have sensitivity analyses been run on key parts of the process to understand the effects on process parameters that are likely to vary?

Some particular kinetic systems we have a strong expertise in are natural gas to liquids, waste to petrochemicals and syn gas to chemicals.