Microwave Technology for Fuels and Chemicals

Microwave heating is being advanced as a promising technology to achieve energy conservation in industrial processes. Microwave heating differs significantly with conventional heating; lack of awareness and knowledge about these key differences has impeded their effectiveness and process development. We have been involved in due-diligence and technology evaluation of microwave technology for design and development of equipment/plants for industrial use. Despite the success, microwave chemistry isn’t a panacea. Not all chemical reactions can progress at the extreme reaction conditions of microwave reactors. Another key constraint is process scale-up. When scaling up the process to larger batch reactors, the benefits of rapid microwave heating is difficult to duplicate since the penetration depth of the microwave irradiation into the reactor is diminished. Another significant disadvantage of microwave technology is the safety risk. We offer comprehensive due-diligence and technology evaluation on microwave reactors and technologies in process and chemical engineering. No longer a lab curiosity, microwave-assisted reactions are making headway in process and chemical engineering fields.