Fuel Additives for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency and Emission Control

The global fuel additives market is expected to reach an estimated value of $7.8 billion by 2023. The major drivers of the fuel additives are growing fuel demand, growing awareness among users regarding the benefits of fuel additives, demand of high fuel efficiency, and stringent regulations and emission standards adopted by various countries. There are salient reasons for a fuel companies to use additives in fuel. These, in particular, are: to improve handling properties and stability of the fuel, to improve combustion properties of the fuel, to reduce emissions from fuel combustion, to provide engine protection and cleanliness, to increase in the economic use of the fuel or to establish or enhance the brand image of the fuel.

Every additive is a formulation/ mixture of certain performance enhancing chemical compounds. The chemistry and dosage of these individual compounds in the fuel-additive product determine how good or poor an additive is. There are very few fuel-additive technology developers (Innospec, Afton Corporation, Lubrizol, ExxonMobil) but a number of fuel additive companies who source these individual compounds and package them as a finished fuel additive product in the fuel additive industry.

For a major fuel business, the approach is to identify major fuel-improvement compounds and develop a proprietary fuel-additive formulation and set up a robust supply chain management involving acquisition of goods and services at the best possible price, in the right quantity and at the right time. It’s here where an expert can help.

The experts at Process Engineering Consulting includes scientists, engineers and experts with years of experience in area of fuel-additives development. Our knowledge in fuel additives spans catalysis and green chemistry principles that are employed to devise specialty fuel catalysts and improvers for fuel saving and GHG emission cut targets. We are well-versed in chemistry of detergent dispersants, cetane and lubricity improvers, octane and antioxidants.  Call us at +1 (825) 365-1687 or email us for more information.