Chemical and Process Engineering for Renewable Hydrogen from Biomass and Plastics

Biomass & Plastic Handling hydrogen is nothing new to chemical and process engineers in the chemical and oil refining industries. Hydrogen is widely employed for hydrogenation and other purposes in chemicals manufacture, petroleum refining and other chemical process industries. Being light, storable, energy-dense, and producing no direct emissions of pollutants or GHG emissions, hydrogen is widely accepted as a potential energy carrier for the future. Apart from its conventional use in chemical and metallurgical industries, hydrogen has also proven its ability in new sectors such as fuel for vehicles, electricity storage via fuel cells. Renewable hydrogen is currently enjoying extraordinary political and industrial momentum, with the number of policies and projects around the world expanding rapidly. The global demand for hydrogen has increased 3-fold from 1975, with the number of countries investing in hydrogen technologies and infrastructure increasing.

As of 2020, a large percentage of hydrogen (~95%) is produced from fossil fuels by steam reforming of natural gas, partial oxidation of methane, and coal gasification. These gasification, reforming and partial oxidation processes can also be designed to produce renewable hydrogen from biomass or plastic waste. Two key drivers are working in renewable hydrogen’s favor: the cost of renewables continues to drop while the push to reduce GHG emissions and pursue environmental control has picked up steam.

Process Engineering Consulting performs systems-level process design and techno-economic analyses on a number of renewable hydrogen production and delivery pathways. These efforts focus on determining status improvements resulting from technology advancements, cost as a function of production volume, and the potential for cost reductions. Results help identify barriers to the success of these pathways, primary cost drivers, and remaining R&D challenges. These include themes such as biomass and plastics gasification to syngas and chemicals. We can help with process aspects such as:

PEC provides a wide range of process technologies and related services to the petrochemical, petroleum refining and oil and gas industries. Our team of chemical engineers is available to assist in areas of conceptual process design, material and energy balances, computer simulation, unit optimization, development of process flow diagrams, development of process and instrument diagrams, equipment sizing and process safety.

  • Process Safety.
  • Technical readiness (and development activities still required).
  • Technical life of components within the system.
  • Commercial availability and speed of deployment.
  • Life-cycle environmental impact.
  • Capital and operating costs – cashflow needs.


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