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With offices in Florida, Illinois, Texas and Alberta, PEC provides comprehensive technology and process engineering consulting services in energy, oil and gas, renewables and specialty chemicals. We specialize in technology due-diligence, concept engineering, fuel and fuel additives, techno-economic analysis and chemical and process engineering. Our clients have included VC firms, technology strategy firms, national labs, independent startups, startup incubators and fuel additive firms.

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In the past two decades, the plastics industry in North America has seen a major part of its profitability growth coming from accessing advantaged feedstock (ethane compared to naphtha). Plastics waste is fast emerging as the next source of feedstock advantageous for polymer and petrochemicals production. For the chemical and the plastics industry in general, the stakes are very high with much to lose if the waste-plastics issue develops into widespread product bans and demand destruction. But there is also the immense opportunity to gain, through building a new recycling-based branch of the petrochemicals and plastics industry and tapping potential profit-pool growth.

PEC provides are fuel additive expert process development, techno-economic and consulting services into technologies for recycling of mixed waste plastics to fuel, energy and monomers. We have developed business cases in gasification and pyrolysis with a strong focus on pragmatic and commercially viable outcomes. We would be happy to help you implement circular solutions to reuse or repurpose plastic waste in the most efficient way.


Understanding the dynamic interplay of energy markets, technology and policy has never been more critical. Optimal plant design and accurate energy assessments are the key to realistic expectations for project performance and have significant impact on project finance. When it comes to designing new process systems, estimating its energy intensity, and its effect on the overall cost is critical. Our team of experts possesses a rich understanding of industrial and energy  processes and methods to optimize energy and cost.


Renewable materials are experiencing rapid adoption as companies recognize the importance of reducing their environment footprint and the benefits that can be derived by delivering sustainable product offerings to their customers and consumers. Bio-sourced materials and chemicals can also provide unique functionality in a variety of applications. The challenge is recognizing opportunities and how these new and exciting materials can be used to enhance your value chain. At PEC, we have the expertise to assess opportunities and accelerate adoption of value-added renewable material solutions within your organization.


The global fuel additives market is expected to reach an estimated value of $7.8 billion by 2023. The major drivers of the fuel additives are growing fuel demand, growing awareness among users regarding the benefits of fuel additives, demand of high fuel efficiency, and stringent regulations and emission standards adopted by various countries.The PEC product development team includes Ph.D. – qualified engineers and experts with years of experience in area of fuel-additives development. Our knowledge in fuel additives spans catalysis and green chemistry principles that are employed to devise specialty fuel catalysts and improvers for fuel saving and GHG emission cut targets. We are well-versed in chemistry of detergent dispersants, cetane and lubricity improvers, octane and antioxidants.


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