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Process Engineering Consulting is a Calgary-based team of Ph.D’s and process engineers with real-world operating and industry experience. Our resulting knowledge base has been broadened by varied technical, financial, and managerial experiences. Participation in industrial and academic collaborations has presented opportunities to work with a variety of projects in energy, fuel and additives, oil and gas and petrochemicals.

Over the years, we have become recognized as experts in engineering, techno-economic assessment and operational due-diligence. We are grounded in the fundamentals and translate, solutions into clear, direct and practical recommendations mitigating risk and unlocking value for our clients. We offer services in process engineering due diligence, independent process design and technology review and new idea or process development. The goal is to ensure the clients’ acquisition – of equipment, technologies, facilities, or companies – are operationally and technologically successful.



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As part of a complete solution, special consideration is given to the following design parameters: capital and O&M costs, environmental impact and sustainability, risk mitigation, flexibility, reliability, redundancy, safety, and waste reduction.

Techno Economic Experts is the evaluation of the economic feasibility/viability of chemical projects – it connects R&D and engineering to business.  It is the art of utilizing reasonable technical and economic assumptions to estimate commercial feasibility and success probability for a number of competing technologies under a range of market conditions. 

Fuel additive development dates from the 1920s and continues to this day. The development in the field is driven by changes in engine designs, fuel compositions, environmental regulation, and the desire to differentiate products for marketing purposes.

In a market inundated by re-packagers and resellers and very few technology developers; there are often tall claims (15-30%) being made on fuel-efficiency and emissions improvement. Most of these “novel, cutting-edge” additives are often advanced without a scientific basis or actual verifiable data.

We help develop in progress of new ideas and processes.  We complete Techno-Economic and Risk Analysis to help the client ascertain if it makes sense either as a competing or an emerging technology. Specifically, we guide in the following areas:

  • Is the design basis complete?
  • Is the laboratory or pilot-test data sufficient to confidently predict performance of the larger process or are more data needed?
  • Is there enough margin and operational/control flexibility in the design to allow for process optimization after startup?
  • Has raw material or intermediate feed stream cleaning/preparation/conditioning been adequately addressed?
  • Have sensitivity analyses been run on key parts of the process to understand the effects on process parameters that are likely to vary?


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